young-hero-simbu-tweets-hitting-directly-at-dhanushThe apparent enmity between the two Tamil young heroes becomes a talking point occasionally whenever they seem to be taking a dig at each other. The two Tamil heroes who don’t get along well with each other are Dhanush and Simbu.

Simbu’s latest tweet expressing his happiness over the success of his ‘Achcham Yembathu Madamaiyada’ (AYM) had an implicit dig on those disastrous films which were declared blockbusters. Simbu questions, if disastrous movies are said to be blockbusters then, what would be a genuine hit like AYM be called as.

This tweet looks like it is directly aimed at Dhanush’s tweet which says that his recent release ‘Kodi’ is a blockbuster in which Dhanush thanked his fans declaring ‘Kodi’ as a blockbuster celebrating the 25th day of its release.

There is one more Tamil hero, who also declared his film as a blockbuster and he is GV Prakash. Now, it’s time for fans to fight over their favorite heroes’ tweets.