Young Hero Develops Doubt After Repeated QuestionsYoung Hero Satyadev is one of the busiest actors in Tollywood right now. Along with Thimmarusu releasing today, the actor has four more films in various stages of shooting. In the recent lineup of the actor, there are three remakes.

We already know about Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasya. Thimmarusu is deeply influenced by Kannada hit, Birbal Triology and there is Gurthundha Seethakalam which is another Kannada film remake. However, the actor has decided not to attempt remakes going forward.

“I don’t have any qualms in doing a remake. In fact I only look for good stories. I don’t mind if they are remakes. But people have been asking me repeatedly why I am doing lot of remakes. Now I started doubting if I am not doing something right. So I decided not to do remakes going further,” the actor said.

Satyadev will have at least three releases remaining this year if the COVID allows. Four releases in a Pandemic hit year is sensational for sure.