All the roads of Filmnagar are leading to Chandra Babu Naidu or KCR’s house these days. Film personalities are rallying behind the Chief Minister designates to congratulate them and off course to be in their good books. chandra Babu had a star visitor on Friday in the form of actor Ram. He got to see Chandra Babu working as he waited to meet him and is completely bowled over.

After the meeting, he shared the latter’s enthusiasm to get started with developing the new state in his Twitter account. “Just met up with @ncbn Garu..spellbound with the way he spoke with a few Industrialists there..he is all Charged Up..Good Days to Come 🙂 He asked me for the Title of my film n I said #PandagaChesko ..n he said “Yes! It’s a very apt title for You and our State”..lol (sic),” Ram tweeted.