Allu Sirish’s latest film has been titled ‘Prema Kadhanta’. The team released two first look posters wherein the actor is seen kissing Anu Emmanuel as Sirish‘s Birthday Special. In one of the posters, they are seen through a windowpane, and in another, they are seen in a mirror reflection. Wonder if that is some theme attached to the story.

The team already released two Pre-Look posters in which they are seen in romantic poses. But interestingly, the title suggests it is not ‘love’. The contrast in the title and posters sounds interesting and different. Rakesh Sashi directs the film bankrolled by GA2 Pictures Banner and Shri Tirumala Production Pvt Ltd.

The movie production has been almost completed. The makers did not drop a hint about their release plan due to prevailing conditions. This is the best opportunity for Sirish to make it big. GA2 Pictures has the goodwill of delivering minimum guarantee films and these impressive promotions paint a good prospect for Sirish.

Today is the Birthday of Sirish and here is wishing him a Happy Birthday!