Tollywood Director Female AssitantThere’s this young filmmaker who manages to find work continuously. He doesn’t deliver any smashing hits and at best, he delivers average farers. He essays an uneventful career.

Coming to the topic, the director has the habit of having at least one female assistant director in his team for all his films. His team is standard for almost all of his films.

People thought this young director was encouraging of young female directors.

But that’s not the case now. The female assistants in his team are changing continually now. No female assistant director is sticking with this young director.

The inside word is that there’s a change in the behaviour of the director and that has resulted in his female assistant directors feeling uncomfortable around him and eventually leaving.

It is understood that the director was very compassionate and encouraging of his female assistants. But his attitude has changed now and that’s irking and pushing away the female assistants in his team.

A few say that there are some problems with the marital life of the director and that’s rubbing into his attitude and leading to unethical conduct. They say that’s why female assistants are leaving him.

Well, this director can’t let his personal life creep into his professional career, more so while his behavior is troubling the female crew. He needs to act quickly.