Young Director’s Rare Plans for Rajasekhar

Rajashekar KalkiUnlike in Bollywood, movie franchises like ‘Baahubali’ are very rare in our Telugu Film Industry. It’s just a prequel and a sequel for several super hit movies. But in Bollywood, there are more than half-a-dozen franchises getting an installment added to the franchise. Tollywood young director Prashanth Varma has similar plans for senior actor Rajasekhar.

The director is busy canning important scenes for his upcoming movie ‘Kalki’ with Rajasekhar playing the lead as a detective who sets out to solve a solve a case. He has plans to convert this movie into a franchise. That means, there would be ‘Kalki 2’, ‘Kalki 3’ etc. in the future from the director. Looks like, the director is quite confident on the subject he has taken up, this time after his out-of-the-box debut with ‘Awe’.

He is very happy that he could shoot a seven-minute action episode at a length without taking retakes. Rajasekhar was game for it chasing, shooting, jumping walls etc. and did it in a single take. The movie is going to have half-a-dozen action episodes. The recently released First Look motion poster was quite intriguing and we can expect Rajasekhar playing yet another intense role.

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