Young Actress Shirley Das Married 60-Year-Old Director Velu PrabhakaranIt is not a rare thing that an actress gets married to her director. Here the director is 60-year old Tamil director Velu Prabhakaran and the young actress is Shirley Das who was his heroine in his 2009 directorial ‘Kadhal Kathai’.

In the presence of media, Shirley and Velu Prabhakaran exchanged rings and thus made their relationship legal. They are going to register their marriage as they don’t have legal hurdles.

The director was divorced recently and hence he was able to marry the young actress who was ready to marry him, at this age of his life, which is very uncommon in our Indian Society.

The director found a true companion in Shirley Das and the young actress found an honest and genuine man in the director. There is a saying in Hindi, ‘Jab miya biwi raji, tho kyaa karega khaji’ (which means, when the man and his woman have no problems, others are no one to interfere).