Tovino Thomas ICU The young and upcoming star from Malayalam cinema Tovino Thomas, on Wednesday, was admitted to hospital after he complained of severe stomach pain. It was later known that he had internal bleeding due to nerve rupture.

A day later, Tovino Thomas continues to be in critical condition. He is still in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) under medical supervision. However, the doctors are hopeful of a recovery soon. They expect the actor to fully recover quickly and have asked a three weeks rest.

The injury happened on the sets of Kala, an upcoming film of Tovino Thomas. An action scene was being filmed when it took place. He was reportedly kicked in the stomach as part of the shoot, and that’s how the pain started. Tovino continued the shoot by taking painkillers, but it soon became unbearable, and the actor has to be admitted in a private hospital in Kochi.

Director VS Rohith assured that the shooting would resume only after full recovery of Tovino Thomas. The young actor is one of the busiest artists currently in Malayalam cinema. He is taking a slow step in stardom and is expected to be one of the upcoming ‘stars’ of the industry.

The Telugu audience has got a glimpse of Tovino Thomas courtesy the digital dubbing of one of his pre-corona hit, Forensic. He will be seen in multilingual superhero flick Merupu Murali in Telugu, next.