raj tarun and ram gopal varma tweetsIn this age of social media where everyone thinks that social networking is essential for keeping oneself updated and travel in this technically driven era, most of the youngsters are on phones for the maximum time. But here is a young hero Raj Tharun, who completely keeps his mobile aside once he enters the sets of his film at 6 a.m.

When media asked if his comic timing is his biggest positive point, he refuses and says that his positive point is to be there completely, giving himself completely and surrendering himself totally to his character. He doesn’t touch his mobile or take any call while he is on sets leave about being online on Twitter or Facebook.

The recent prank played by RGV on Raj Tharun is enough evidence to prove Raj Tharun right. RGV took the young actor’s mobile and made a series of tweets in his name. By the language of the tweets, many grew suspicious that it could be RGV who played prank using Raj Tharun’s name. Anyway, the actor deserves applause for being focussed on his acting avoiding the deviations.