Anushka Shetty from Silence to KRR!Team Anushka is expecting her to return soon for promoting her upcoming movie that is scheduled to come to the theatres on 31st January 2020. According to a report in the Deccan Chronicle, the actress will be back in two or three weeks.

The apparent reason according to the above-mentioned report is that she has been working on her weight issues. The sources say, “You will see a new Anushka when she comes back.” Obviously, they are promising that Anushka would be looking slimmer when she is back in India.

Anushka Shetty wasn’t there for the recent promotional event of ‘Nishabdam’ and naturally, it got the people talking about her absence. It would be approximately a year since her last movie ‘Bhagamathie’ came to theatres by the time her ‘Nishabdam’ releases.

Hope, Anushka would be seen more often in the movie’s promotional events, and we’ll get to know more about her next projects that are going to go on to the sets, soon.