Lakshmi ManchuNeedless to say that Manchu Lakshmi has been one of the favourites of the trolls on the social media and the YouTube channels who put up YouTube thumbnails making fun of her accent, her dress and her actions. There are many spoofs on Manchu Lakshmi.

Lakshmi said that she enjoys the trolls that make fun of her as she is in the entertainment industry and it’s a part and a parcel of the industry. But, when someone targets her family, she will definitely give back to the trolls as she is very possessive about it. The Manchu lady rightly pointed out at the lack of personal space in the present scenario.

“With the advent of reality shows like ‘Bigg Boss‘, people even want to know what is happening in our bathrooms,” rightly observed Manchu Lakshmi who has been the pet of the trolls across social media platforms. It’s very clear that she enjoys the trolls, mostly. Only when her family and personal life is attacked, she comes out to talk about it.