Yevadu' team missed a golden opportunity?

Vamshi Paidipally tried to present a different movie with Prabhas’s Munna tasted a bitter experience at box office. His next with NTR Brindavanam, he played it safe with a routine format movie and scored a decent hit. But when it comes to his latest outing Yevadu we may as well say he missed a golden opportunity. Having a wonderful story in hand it looked like Vamshi didn’t want to take any risk thus he cooked another potboiler Yevadu.

Let’s look in to the reasons why we say this. Vamshi wanted to narrate a new story in a regular commercial format. But instead of working on adding a novel touch to the new story with his screen play magic, after presenting the new point in the first half, he completely dedicated the second half to the regular revenge format which have already seen in hundreds of films.

Instead the director could have used some of that space to work on the background of Allu Arjun and how he feels about the loss of identity and how his family or people who know about him react to the ‘new’ looking Allu Arjun. We mean a person can’t simply in a matter of few months forgo years of his life and people he knows, just like that. Things like these which could have made the film fresh and yet exciting are all completely shunned to showcase a simple revenge drama. Had Vamshi made a strong move to continue the entire film on dealing with challenges after Allu Arjun gets Charan’s face instead of a double revenge drama we think Yevadu would have become a land mark film in Telugu ciema. Do you agree with this? Or else do you have another opinion on how director missed the golden opportunity with Yevadu? Post your comment below and let us know.