Yevadu Ram Charan acting skillsDirectors certainly shape the face of the film and the direction it takes. But more than that, movie directors have the ability to shape the talents of an actor. A capable director can squeeze out the highest level of performance from his actors. After Rajamouli, Krishna Vamsi has been known to bring out the best in his actors. When Charan’s Bollywood debut Zanjeer hit screens Hindi reviewers have launched a scathing attack on Ram Charan’s acting abilities while our own reviewers give him some concession due to his large fan following in our state.

But this time when Yevadu releases there will be lot of focus on Ram Charan’s acting skills and the comparison to his acting in previous film will be a talking point. We will have to wait and see if Vamshi Paidipally has better used Charan than Bollywood director Apoorva or we need to wait for Krishna Vamshi’s project to see the acting talent of Ram Charan. But what actually happens, only time will tell!