Yevadu drops big after Sankranthi holidays
As expected Ram Charan starrer Yevadu has dropped after the holidays of Sankranthi are over. The drops in certain areas are more than usual which has triggered a panic among the fans of the star. The film has already crossed the 40 Cr mark at the box office and if the drops continues it is going to end up in the same range as Racha and Naayak.

The film ending up in the Racha and Naayak zone is what the fans fear the most. If Yevadu ends up in the same regions as those two movies this would mean the film has been less accepted compared to those films as they did that number with less ticket price. In case of Yevadu the ticket prices were increased and the talk too was better. This shows that the audience might be losing interest in not just the film but also the star as well and this could be a worrying sign for Ram Charan.