The verdict is out and it’s loud and clear that Ram Charan starrer Yevadu has won the box office battle over his rival Mahesh Babu’s 1 Nenokkadine. Unlike the last time they clashed at the box office the difference is going to be huge at the box office making Ram Charan the clear winner if one goes by the trade verdict. But, what about the public perception and critical measure among the two and who emerges as winner?

Well, when it comes to the public perception and critical appreciation it has been Mahesh Babu all the way despite losing the box office battle. Mahesh Babu has been appreciated for taking up a challenging role once again and giving a good performance. There are few scenes in the movie which the critics feel would be remembered as the best in the career of the actor. So despite the lack of box office and failure of Mahesh Babu as a star, the actor in him is still winning him the laurels.

On the other hand Charan despite scoring, what could be a massive hit is still failing to get this critical appreciation and public perception on him as an actor hasn’t changed one bit at all. Ram Charan is seen to be still at the pre Racha days as an actor with zero improvement at all. It’s the movies on the whole which are engaging the masses due to their screenplay or some other strong factors that is making them hits, feel the critics. Ram Charan is seen so low in acting radar that quite a few people felt that Allu Arjun in his two minutes appearance was far better as an actor than Charan in the whole move.

Ultimately every star wants to see the box office glory but at what cost is the real question. Can a star be completely ridiculed as an actor and still feel happy for his box office success? This is a complex paradox which only time can give an answer in entirety but as things stand today while one is walking away with box office glory other is winning the hearts even in failure. So which one among the two paths would you love your favourite star to be part off? Share us your thoughts.