Mahesh-Vs-Ram-CharanWhile Ram Charan may be a winning horse in India and in Andhra Pradesh where he can get his average movies to open stupendously and make them super hits commercially, the same can’t be said of the actor as a star in overseas. Barring his Magadheera that had a mind-blowing run in overseas, especially US, none managed to evoke the same response forget about getting good numbers. The best that can be said about some of his super hit’s films run in US/Overseas is decent.

His last release Thoofan was one of the major disasters of all time among Telugu films. This has naturally lowered the expectations from the release of his upcoming film Yevadu. It was again expected to do a decent business at best when released as a solo film without any competition in August. But now things have changed and the film is going to compete with none other than a Mahesh Babu starrer. Mahesh Babu as we all know is the reigning numero uno as far as overseas is considered and this clash seems to be taking its toll already among the distributors.

A look at the proposed release date on January 12 will give us an idea that the makers have lost complete hope on the film’s performance in US/Overseas. As it is it is clashing with 1Nenokkadine starring Mahesh Babu and as if that as not enough a Sunday release means that the makers have given up already on the overseas front. For those in the dark, a Telugu movies earns almost one-third of its collections in the opening weekend itself where again premieres and Friday/Saturday constitute the major revenue. A Sunday release means virtually killing the film’s run even before it releasing.

So is the situation in overseas like flogging a dead horse? Do you think a Sunday release will not impact the collections of Yevadu in adverse way? Can Yevadu at least match up to the numbers of Naayak (a film which clashed with much stronger SVSC in Overseas) releasing on Sunday? Share us your thoughts?