Bandla-Ganesh-Trivikram-Srinivas-There’s no shortage of entertainment when Bandla Ganesh sits for an interview. He makes very interesting and often comical comments. This time around, he has made a striking revelation.

Just ahead of Bheemla Nayak’s release, Bandla caught everyone’s attention with a leaked audio clip. In the audio clip, we can hear Bandla abusing Trivikram who allegedly used ugly tactics to avoid Bandla’s presence at the event. He calls Trivikram ugly names.

When asked about the same in am interview with a YouTube channel, Bandla claimed full responsibility. “Yes, the audio clip is mine. I abused Trivikram out of anger. It was a momentary outburst. I later apologised to him.”

The fact that Bandla confirmed that the leaked voice clip of him abusing Trivikram is indeed legitimate is now a trending topic on social media. Not often do we see Tollywood personalities admitting they abused their contemporaries but Bandla is different.