Yerwada jail officials has a lot to say on Sanjay duttBollywood actor who had been sentenced to Yerawada prison is again out of jail for the second time in the past three months and there have been allegations stating that the actor is getting special treatment because of his celebrity status. The actor was recently brought in to take part in a fundraising program which worked well but was soon called off for security reasons. While the jail authorities have refuted such allegations, the media wonders whether he is really being treated differently.

The authorities said that they have been particularly trying to make sure that Dutt is treated just like any other prisoner and added several reports for proof. They even said that they are being quite empathetic to him to make sure there’s no discrimination. While ‘favoring the actor’ part was let go of because of some reasonable proof, ‘being particularly empathetic’ seemed to concern normal people.

Previously, Dutt had earned a short reprieve from jail on medical ground. This time Sanjay Dutt had applied for parole by citing his wife Manyata’s ill health. Now the news in Bollywood is Sanjay Dutt attended Salman Khan’s birth day party, while he avoided the glamours party, he went to Salman’s farmhouse before every one arrives and spent a little quality time.