Wife-I--Abhishek-ReddyYedu Chepala Katha movie showing the story of the hero, Abhishek Reddy and the seven women who got hot with him. That movie trailers and teasers were all baitings on one thing, adult content and more than lovemaking which in fact grabbed good attention and a surprisingly good crowd at the theaters at least initially. The same her is up again with one more of the similar entertainment already.

In July they had the teaser of the film titled, “Wife, I” again with the luring hot scenes and steamy shots of the heroine but it only got ignored. Maybe after looking at the response for Yedu Chepala Katha in the C center’s, the Wife, I makers have now decided to take the film surely on screens as they are having the official trailer released soon this weekend.

Actually, many disgusted the Yedu Chepala Katha for not having that content as much as they expected from the promotional material and the sexy posters and now the same is going to affect Wife, I too as people already know they are throwing lust on the posters and teasers to attract some eyes and bring them to the theaters and it is very unlikely that Abhishek Reddy’s is going to work this time.