Ye Zindagi​​ Lyrical Song Most Eligible BachelorA new single from Akhil’s much-awaited Most Eligible Bachelor is out. It is ‘Ye Zindagi’. It is a peppy urban melody by composer Gopi Sunder.

On the first listening, ‘Ye Zindagi’ gives a very situational appeal. The tune, the beats, everything has a déjà vu feeling similar to songs in that style in urban background. Still, the female singer’s (Haniya Nafisa) spirited rendering makes it worthwhile while it lasts.

On the positive side, Akhil looks superb. The styling is very trendy and sure to appeal to the urban audience. The few glimpses we get from the actual movies give a pleasant, heartwarming, and fun vibe. The making and the presentation of the lead pair is spot on.

The video provides hope on Most Eligible Bachelor. It also adds intrigue if one remembers the previous teaser video. Most Eligible Bachelor looks like it will depend a lot on the ‘content’ to score with the audience than the music.

Listen to the song below. Pooja Hegde is the heroine opposite Akhil. Most Eligible Bachelor is a critical film for Akhil after back to back disappointing results. He is hoping to bounce back with the romantic family entertainer backed by GA2 Pictures. Most Eligible Bachelor will hit the cinemas all over on June 19th.