Yatra Springs Positive SurpriseThe sings were visible before the release itself with decent advance bookings. All Yatra needed, was a positive talk to get to more than respectable numbers. And that is precisely how it turned out.

The whole thing worked out as expected which ideally means there isn’t a surprise, but that is more due to how things were at the beginning. No chance was given to Yatra, and no hopes were there on its theatrical run. But at every turn, it has been generating a positive impression which has ultimately culminated with word of mouth.

The opening day has crossed 2 Cr in the Telugu states alone. It needs to be seen how the momentum will be carried over the next few days. Right now, the second day has started decently. With no competition in sight, Yatra can have a steady run if it continues to draw in the audience. Mahi V Raghav directed the movie starring Mammootty in the role of late YS Rajasekhar Reddy.