Yash19Rocking star Yash has become the biggest hero in the Kannada film industry after the KGF saga. He has garnered a huge fan following on a pan-Indian level, and his next movie is waited with bated breath by all the industries.

There is not much clarity about his next, but there is a talk on social media that #Yash19 will be announced very soon in a couple of days. There are thousands of tweets on Yash19, and it has been trending on social media since yesterday.

Yash Kannada fans are claiming that the announcement of Yash19 is making more noise than the release of hyped movies like Sudeep’s Vikrant Rona. They are trying to pull down other stars by elevating their fav idol, Yash, to the skies, which is not going well with other fans.

Other fans are saying that KGF was a lottery, and not every film is going to turn up that way. It has happened with almost every star that there is a huge fall after a huge rise. So they are advising Yash fans to remain grounded and don’t degrade other sandalwood actors.

There are some crazy rumors going on on social media that Shankar is going to direct Yash 19, and it will be based on a historical character from Kannada. Pooja Hegde will be the heroine etc., etc.

We will have to wait and see what Yash19 will be all about!