KGF 2 Yash Fulfills His Fan Only DesireIn our country, fans of stars are almost the same as devotees who admire the god more than their life. Well, most of their only wish would be to get to meet their actor and have a selfie may be at this social media era. This girl who survived an electric shock recently wished to meet her favorite star Yash and the hero fulfilled her only desire.

The girl’s parents approached Yash and spoke of her strong desire to meet him and take a picture, which the hero took a call soon and took time out of his busy schedule to meet the young fan at his gym where he checked the whereabouts of her health and consoled them, also clicked a picture with the girl.

Well, Yash is kind of sentimental towards his fans as we have seen a couple of incidents where Yash’s concern for his fans was seen. Well, that is the least expected from such star heroes anyway. On the work front, the actor is super busy with KGF 2 making which is for release next year.