Writer Padmabhushan TrailerYoung actor Suhas is known for doing new-age scripts. Here’s one such film that falls under this category – Writer Padmabhushan, which will be his immediate next release.

The trailer for Writer Padmabhushan was released a short while ago. The trailer presents the tale of a struggling writer, played by Suhas.

Suhas plays a writer who self publishes his book by taking a loan, but the book’s sales are inexistant. This isn’t the only problem he has to contend with as he has a typical middle-class father and a calculative mother.

The conflict point here is Padmabushan aka Suhas trying to sell his book. This sure does sound fresh but the main deal is to present it in a gripping manner to the Telugu audience. The comedy should be organic.

The trailer shows several fun moments and a lot will depend on how these are received by the audience when it hits the big screens. The core point has a fresh feel and there’s something to look forward to for those who love new-age cinema.

There’s a twist towards the end which raises a doubt whether Padmabushan is actually a writer or not. This will be the final act and a lot depends on how it is received.

The film is directed by Shanmuka Prashanth and produced by Anurag Reddy, Sharath Chandra, and Chandru Manoharan. It is up for release on the 3rd of February.