Writer PadmabhushanIn the post-Covid era, the word of mouth has become quintessential factor for small and mid range films. Here’s one instance of a small film that understood the equation and acting accordingly.

The makers of Suhas’s upcoming film, Writer Padmabhushan have announced that they will be screening the film for families ahead of its theatrical debut which is on 3rd February.

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The makers have announced that the pre-release screenings will be held in Vijaywada, Guntur, Bhimavaram, Kakinada, Vizag, and Hyderabad starting from 27th January to 1 February.

This is a clever move to gain the attention of the audience and spread the positive mouth, given that the film packs enough content to impress the audience. This might lay the perfect platform for the release if the content is right.

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Previously, something similar was done for Major as there were special screenings in various cities across the country. This created a positive vibe for the film. Now, Writer Padmabhushan is showing enough spine to do something on these lines.

This daring attitude is needed for small films these days to pull the audience to theaters, that is only if they have enough impetus in the shed.

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