The tweets by director Ram Gopal Varma always make it to headlines in entertainment segments largely due to its preposterous nature of claims. Yesterday it was the turn of film Aagadu and its director and actor. Ram Gopal Varma went on a rampage with his tweets on the film. And like always many assumed it to be a result of director’s drinking escapades. And behold, this time those people got a proper proof as well.

The filmmaker was seen with another writer cum director BVS Ravi, who was once again caught for drunk and drive case in Hyderabad. It confirmed the views of all those people who believed that many of those tweets were sent in such a state. As far as BVS Ravi goes this isn’t the first time that he has been caught. On the previous occasion he denied it but this time there are enough sources which have captured the whole event. But the juicier thing about this whole episode that got people’s attention was the party from where these two were coming. Can you guess it? Okay, we give you a hint, according to buzz in industry it was given by another writer. Tell us your guesses below.