Aamir-khan-rejectionsWhen someone gets an opportunity to act beside a star like Aamir Khan, more often than not it’s a locked deal. However there are some instances where the actor’s refuse despite the request, we now have one such scenario.

Apparently wrestler Sangram Singh has been asked by the star to play a small role opposite him in the film Dangal where the star will be seen as a wrestler. Surprisingly Sangram Singh despite not having enough acting skills declined the part. He said that while the offer was tempting, his character requiring losing in the film to Aamir Khan would be negative to his image as a wrestler, in real life.

One can surely sympathize with what the actor says but there is also a buzz which indicates the director stating that he has never approached the wrestler for any role. Wonder which version is true here as one can see the wrestler declining role is all over the media.