In the history of Telugu Film Industry, some films have achieved cult status for the film makers sheer brilliance of film making. It is like the celebration of art in its purest form. ‘Shankarabharanam’ directed by Kala Tapasvi K.Vishwanath is definitely an unique piece which bears no resemblances to any other movie made till the movie’s release. In fact, Vishwanath shattered many myths prevailing in the film industry. The protagonist is a middle aged classical singer and the female lead is a prostitute who falls victim to social injustice and gets pregnant. Such unconventional theme but director Vishwanath presented it in such a heart touching manner that there was no looking back for the film since then.

After 35 years, Shankarabharanam is being dubbed into Tamil. The dubbing and rerecording of the movie is complete and it would hit screens next month. The rerecording is done retaining the same notes but the movie is colour corrected using advanced technology since it is going to be released after 35 years. The trailer of the Tamil dubbed version had been released already long back. The lip sink is fantastic and the original feel is retained. The film which created massive sensation and won four National Awards is retaining its mesmerism and going for a remake after 35 years is phenomenal in itself.