Superstar-KrishnaThere’s a fine line for social media trolls, beyond which the fun factor goes out, and creepiness, and disgust set in. Here’s one such instance involving superstar Krishna.

There’s a social media fan war going on pertaining to Tollywood superstars. This has reached a point where fans are making sly personal remarks on the personal lives of star heroes.

Ghattamaneni anti-fans are spreading a video of an interview of MS Narayana, where he speaks about the comical Solomon Raj character from Dubai Sreenu. In the file interview, he said the director designed the character with Krishna in mind.

It is really sad to see social media trolls spreading videos like these, targeting superstar Krishna who passed away very recently. Whatever might be the reason, it is really insensitive to speak ill and defame a cinema legend just days after his passing. Using videos like we at such grieving time is to be condemned.

While Mahesh Babu, family, and fans are still mourning the demise of Krishna, these social media trolls are in utterly poor taste.