Worst-Time-To-Use-Mahesh-BabuThere has already been a complaint that a Telugu TV channel has been over using Mahesh Babu’s brand image. Their overtly aggressive ad campaign with Mahesh Babu on the forefront hasn’t been sitting well with the fans either.

The channel is now in the firing line again, this time for a more serious reason. Here’s the story behind the same.

It is known that Mahesh suffered a huger personal loss the other day with the sad passing away of his mother Indira Devi garu. He performed the last rites later yesterday and appeared to be in great pain all day.

However, that didn’t stop the channel from airing ad campaigns featuring Mahesh on their TV channel all day yesterday.

“When a man is suffering great personal loss, the least you can do is show him some respect. Airing entertainment ads while Mahesh was mourning the demise of his mother is of poor taste. The channel could’ve stopped the entertainment ads featuring Mahesh at least for one day,” a netizen commented. Well, he does have a strong point to make.