Worried About Films? Sonu Sood's Excellent ReplySince the pandemic broke across the nation, If there is someone who is going out against all odds, we remember Sonu Sood. The actor who has been portrayed as ‘villain’ in Bollywood and other regional languages has now become a ‘real-life’ hero.
Sonu Sood has acted as a frontline warrior who has helped scores of migrant workers in ‘Ghar Wapsi Abhiyan’. Being a migrant worker himself, the actor who can sit in the cosy comfort of his home and be sympathetic but he was rather empathic who put himself in their shoes.

Sonu Sood’s aid which started with migrants soon slowly spread its wings in reaching out to many other helpless and needy people from arranging medicinal amenities and to the recent – oxygen plants import. It won’t be wrong to say that the public has more faith in Sonu than the government as they reach out to the actor first.

While we have personalities from different walks of life having more influence and stardom than Sonu Sood, they have been indifferent. Sonu Sood says that helping others comes from within. No one can inculcate that feeling and it shouldn’t be forceful.

Will his heroic help prove costly on his films? In fact Chiranjeevi once in Acharya shoot refused to hit Sonu as Megastar said that people won’t accept and it may backfire. On the contrary, Sonu Sood is not thinking about the impact on his films but about SOS calls to do some good for someone out there waiting for him.

Well, Sonu Sood has in true sense proved that a real-hero doesn’t require a cape but one only requires the heart of gold and zeal.