People not just in Tamil Nadu but even from the two Telugu states have loved the film Surya s/o Krishnan. Although it didn’t have a terrific run at the box office the film showcased the acting skills of Suriya like nothing before earning him lots of fans in Telugu along with its director Gautam Menon. Many even came to know after this film that they had earlier worked together for a film called Kakha Kakha as well which is the original of another much loved film Gharshana starring Venkatesh. When a third film was announced in such a combination, the entire industry and fans were naturally super excited.

However the excitement was dampened pretty soon when the film failed to take off and even the actor publicly issued a statement saying that his time was being wasted on the project. This statement of hero hurt director Gautam Menon very much and he now says that a connection has been lost and hence won’t be working with him again. He says that he will work with only those with whom he feels comfortable and right now the comfort lies with Ajith, Simbu etc. This surely is a great loss to movie lovers without any doubt, we have to see if in future the director reconsiders his decision or not.