Won't ever write an autobiography
With over five decades of experience in film industry, numerous Indian as well as international awards, the journey of Kamal Haasan, who received the Padma Bhushan yesterday, would make a great story for an autobiography. But the 59-year old actor said that he has no plans to write an autobiography because in order to do that he needs to be very truthful.

Kamal said if he ever plans to write an autobiography then he needs to share all the truth, which may not be accepted by everybody. He said that the truth will cause lot of pain to the people associated with it. Therefore, he has no plans to write one in the first place. He said by sharing all the truth in his book, he may upset a lot of people. Moreover, he added that he doesn’t have the time to pen his thoughts in a book.

Kamal, who has so far starred in over 200 films, across multiple languages has already received the Padma Shri award in 1990. He said he would like to dedicate his award to all his gurus and added that the award is only an impetus for him to continue doing more good work.