‘Nuvve Kaavaali’ for Tarun and ‘Manasanta Nuvve’ for late Uday Kiran have turned into very special films for those actors and changed their fate. Heart soothing music and heart touching love story mark as the specialties of these movies. Will Sumanth Ashwin starrer ‘Lovers’ prove the same for him? Why such a doubt? It is because of Maruti’s brand. Whenever there is a film from Maruti, audiences cannot forget his indecent and cheap content films. But Maruti is confident that his film is going to be another ‘Manasanta Nuvve’.

The Triple Platinum Disk function of the audio of the movie was held on Monday in Hyderabad. Speaking during the event Maruti said that this movie is going to make Sumanth Ashwin famous like Uday Kiran and Tarun after the above said block buster movies. But with Maruti’s brand looming on the head, can audience really expect a clean romantic entertainer like ‘Manasanta Nuvve’ and ‘Nuvve Kavali’? Nandita is romancing Sumanth Ashwin in ‘Lovers’ directed by debutante Haranath and Maruti is presenting the film. Suryadevara Nagavamshi and Mahendra Babu are producing the film while JB has scored music for the film. This movie is going to hit screens on 15th of August.