Ram-charan-Vs-Varun-TejaAfter the debut of Ram Charan, if anyone else is being looked up to make a debut in films from Mega family it is Varun Tej, son of Nagababu. In the recent past only two people filmy debut has been the most discussed one among the fans and Telugu cinema lovers, in general, they are Varun Tej and Akhil Akkineni, son of Akkineni Nagarjuna. While the debut of Akhil Akkineni is a separate topic all together here we look at the supposedly next big thing from the Mega clan.

One of the primary reasons why the debut of Varun Tej is being eagerly awaited from fans is very obvious and easy to guess, the looks of Varun Tej. He is six feet plus tall and has good looks, the last one with such good looks from the Mega family was Pawan Kalyan. Off late a lot of emphasis has been put on looks as fans were at the receiving end from opposite camp on this regard. Even Allu Arjun or the recent Allu Sirish or the soon to debut Sai Dharam Tej fail on this count, so naturally Varun Tej has been elevated in the eyes of the fans even before the debut itself.

But the real question here is what if, Varun Tej can act with an own identity besides those good looks. Will this again lead to a clash between the Mega fans like it’s happening currently with Pawan and Charan. A look on social networking sites during the proposed release dates of Yevadu and Atharintiki Daredi in August, first, and later when Atharintiki Daredi crossed the collections of Magadheera, would reveal how unwelcome the two stars are by opposite fan bases even though they both belong to the bigger Mega fan base. All this has happened because Pawan Kalyan had created a unique niche for him with his style, mannerism and act. Will it repeat with Varun Tej as well, if he creates uniqueness for him, is already giving nightmares to fans who love everyone under the Mega fan base? Or will Varun Tej be relegated to back seat like the case of Allu Arjun who isn’t whole heartedly accepted like Ram Charan was?

Varun Tej debut film under Srikanth Addala’s direction is going to begin pretty soon with the blessings of both Megastar Chiranjeevi and Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. Do you guys think he has it in him to make big and reach the level of Pawan and Charan in future?