Pawan-Kalyan-ChiranjeeviThis is now becoming so regular that quite frankly it’s neither amusing nor entertaining now. But fans seems to think otherwise going by the kind of debate that happens after each and every audio function, despite knowing very well what is in store for them beforehand. One can of course understand what the bottom-line is, related to Chiru but one can’t understand why the need to reassert it every time?

So here is a simple dwelling from our side and we pick Powerstar Pawan Kalyan for this. The star as we all know is at the peak of his career. The fans are at the craziest peak and it is them who seem to be the root cause of all the problems. What we would like to ask here is a simply question, can Pawan Kalyan say ‘no’ to Megastar’s factor in his rise. Can he dare say anything against his brother Chiranjeevi? We know politically he can make any number of comments if he wants to but can he?

The answer to those questions is ultimately the reassurance that ‘Mega’ fans need to have whenever they feel alarmed instead of launching tirade against whoever incites the differences between the brothers in first place like Dasari Narayana Rao at the audio launch of Son of Satyamurthy.

Megastar has been there and done that and now Powerstar is getting a glimpse of it. No matter how hard one tires one cannot negate the other and fans need to realize that. It is eventually fans who become the fodder for entertainment for others by exploding at every turn when instead they should be the one’s relaxed and chilling looking at the craze their favorite stars enjoy.