rgv-rangaRGV is adept at making films at such speed that we feel that he made the film in no time. The same way, he is also very popular for announcing a new title, at least like every fortnight and one doesn’t know the film will go on sets or not. The latest title RGV announced is ‘Vangaveeti’.

RGV posted on Twitter that all the political crime drama began with killing Vangaveeti Radha and ended with killing Vangaveeti Ranga. Hence he has titled it ‘Vangaveeti’. The title may seem interesting. But one can’t be sure this film will really materialise or just one more announcement of RGV, which can be taken for granted.

Recently the film maker announced the title ‘Andhra CM Kidnapped, Telangana CM Suspected’. But there it ended with the announcement of the title. Nothing materialised. Will the fate of ‘Vangaveeti’ turn out to be the same?