Will T-state formation affect Telugu actors?

It’s saddening to know that Andhra Pradesh is likely to be divided into two states sooner than we think. However, what’s even more unfortunate to know is that some actors are being pointed fingers at since their ancestors don’t hail from Andhra Pradesh, but have roots in Telangana.

For instance, Nikhil Siddharth was accused for not belonging to Andhra Pradesh since his parents hail from Mahabubnagar. A furious Siddharth tweeted “For people asking… My Mom is from Hyd and Dad from Mahabubnagar… But my heart is our common language…Telugu!”

“I’m a Hyderabad Boy and my ancestors are from here and I love every single inch of my region… But I’m an Indian and a Telugu boy firstly,” further tweeted Siddharth. Nikhil is worried that why are we not united in the matter and asks isn’t this what we learnt in school.

It doesn’t surprise me why most actors stay in Hyderabad because in all probability it is likely to end up being a union territory.