size zero thanu nenuTwo films are releasing this Friday in Telugu, Size Zero and Tanu Nenu. While both are small films in nature, the production backing and scale of release clearly makes the former starring Anushka a biggie compared to the latter. This is reflected even in promotions but for one common thing that is star endorsement.

Both Size Zero and Tanu Nenu have through their goodwill managed to get lots of stars on board to provide bytes for the film as part of the promotions. While many heroes have praised Size Zero for its concept during various stages, heroines like Rakul Preet Singh, Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna did their bit by dubsmash videos. Similarly for Tanu Nenu, directed by Ram Mohan, top directors like Krishna Vamsy and Trivikram Srinivas etc wished the best.

The question is will these online promotions with star bytes work for the films? Very recently if we take the example of Raju Gari Gadi it got big boost initially without any doubt due to this kind of promotion. But ultimately the content did the trick in winning audience mandate.

Today Telugu audience is lapping up anything fresh that’s entertaining. Content is becoming the ultimate king now. The stars have done their bit in getting the films noticed, can the makers deliver with content and keep the ‘fresh movies’ success streak going?