.-Will-Slap-You-with-Slipper---Popular-Singer-Pranavi-AcharyaThe title itself might be giving away the subject of this article that it could be on one of those casting couch experiences. If that was your catch from the title, then you aren’t wrong. This time, it is a singer Pranavi Acharya who came out with her experience when a directly behaved wrongly.

She was called for singing a song, and it was the director who asked her to come and it’s not the other way round that she went for asking a chance. The director quite boldly said that he would let her sing only if she comes to bed with him. Pranavi as surprised as she tried to tell him that she was very young, just out of intermediate studies.

When he insisted, Pranavi just said, “Cheppu tho kodatha”, that literally translates to, “Will slap you with my slipper.” After that, she came across as a tough girl and no one tried to irk her asking such sexual favours, again.

It must be surprising to know that singers like Pranavi who are totally into family life were also not spared from the casting couch experiences. By the way, one of the popular choreographers, Raghu Master is her husband.