Nirahara-Deeksha-Prabhas-Fans-PresidentPrabhas is one of the biggest stars in the country now. But his fans aren’t too pleased with the way he and his team are treating them.

Incidentally, Srikakulam Prabhas Fans Association President named Prabhas Surya has spoken at length about the way Prabhas’s team is ill-treating fans.

“We fans are the ones who work for our hero 24/7, 365 days a year. But we aren’t getting recognition. We asked for a photoshoot session with our hero Prabhas but that isn’t happening. Prabhas’s team is treating us like cheap people.”

“Many influential people are meeting Prabhas and posing for photos. But we fans, who work tirelessly for our hero aren’t even getting to meet our hero and take a photo with him. We will be heading to Hyderabad on 15 July and express our discontentment with Krishnam Raju sir and Shyamala amma. We will even sit on a Nirahara Deeksha(hunger strike) till we get an affirmative respons from our hero,” Prabhas’s fans president said.

The fans president even added that they are ready to come in front of media and speak about the humiliation they are facing if that is what it takes to take the matter to Prabhas’s notice.