Bengal Tiger movie first day theater talkSampath Nandi at such a young age has already seen so many struggles in Tollywood. From time to time he has been literally restarting his career all over again.

For starters he did a biggie with hero Upendra that never made it to big screens. Two years of his life were dedicated to that film. And then we all know what went with his career even after a massive success like Racha. After more than three years the director is coming with a new offering Bengal Tiger starring Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja.

Most important thing to look forward here is whether the director is able to continue the momentum sans any struggle or not. For a director who delivered a big success with a top star he ought to be bombarded with offers, even if not such position, will Sampath Nandi be able to do back to back movies with top stars in future is what everyone is looking forward to see.

Can Bengal Tiger enable him to get into such position like he did post Racha? We certainly hope he does as the industry is in dire need of directors who can handle big stars! Visit back for Bengal Tiger review in next few hours.