Will Samantha Talk About Divorce With Him?A couple of days ago, Samantha flew to Mumbai. Now, it is heard that Sam flew to Mumbai to take part in the famous Koffee With Karan talk show. Sam will apparently be one of the star attendees in the 7th season of the show.

This brings us to an interesting discussion on social media. Netizens are now curious about the kind of questions Karan will ask Sam on the show.

“Karan is usually very inquisitive while interacting with the guests on the show. He even asks them uncomfortable questions. If he follows the same template with Samantha, he might ask her about the divorce phase. If not directly, he will poke around it. Samantha might well make an affirmative statement on the much-talked about topic. If that is the case, this episode is a must-watch,” netizens comment.

Netizens point out that Samantha had already opened up about the hardships she went through after divorce and she might well speak at length about the topic on Koffee With Karan.

Either way, we should wait and see if Sam will actually be asked about the ChaySam divorce saga by Karan. If yes, this episode is sure to attract the South Indian audience.