Heroine Samantha wowed everyone with her debut film Ye Maaya Chesave and created permanent place among Telugu youth as Jessy. Soon after the actress was seen in few other successful films that confirmed that she wasn’t a one film wonder and is here for a long haul.

What was more impressive about Samantha is that after few films initially the actress has done roles which provided her scope to shine as an actor as well and not just be a flower pot in a big successful film. Take Eega or Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu or the very recent Manam, the actress is getting tremendous praise as an actor as well. No wonder it wasn’t a surprise when she won the best actress award in both Telugu and Tamil in the same year.

Such rare achievement in awards and the impeccable box office success means that Samantha is now staring at an All Time status as an actress. There have been one successful heroine after other after a period of few years but not many of those heroines after Soundarya have really stayed at top for a long time nor have seen such success or have so many memorable films.

With Samantha getting the best of both worlds much like Soundarya will it be safe to say that Samantha can be next on All Time actress list after her. Remember she is yet get a peak in Tamil cinema as well and when that happens she would be on a whole new level. Keeping all this in mind how long do you think it would be before she is declared an All Time Great heroine.

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