There is saying that ‘The people who stay in glass houses should avoid throwing stones at others’. This line seems to be a perfect fit for the condition Samanta is presently in. A while ago the dusky actress ended herself up in a controversy when she tweeted on Mahesh starrer ‘1-Nenokkadine’ poster. Her comments on the poster calling it regressive have ignited the anger of Mahesh’s fans and there was a dirty online war regarding the issue. Though finally the controversy was put to rest, reportedly it has soared the friendly relationship between the stars.

As of now, fate has landed Samanta in the same situation once again. But this time the situation has reversed. A still of Samanta’s upcoming Tamil movie ‘Anjaan’ has been released recently where we can see Sammy reclined by a beach, joined by co-star Suriya with his hand on her foot. This poster is exactly the opposite of Mahesh’s movie poster. This is a still from a beach song sequence shot in Goa. Again another coincidence with ‘1-Nenokkadine’ as the Kriti Sanon poster was also from a song sequence shot on Goa beach. Though Samanta is happy that there hasn’t been any online attack, cine folks are eagerly waiting for Mahesh’s fans to respond.