Will Roja's suspension will rein abuse politics?Andhra Pradesh Assembly had voted in favour of suspending YSR Congress MLA, Roja for a period of one year from the house. During this period, Roja will deprived of Protocol, Salary and all other benefits provided to an MLA. She will continue to be an MLA, but she will have to approach the officials as a common citizen only.

Roja built on her political career with her aggressive politics. For the sole reason, she managed to scale height in a very short time and the abusive nature took to next level after joining YSR Congress Party. Roja almost set a bad precedent to all woman politicians that they should be abusive to grow in politics.

Being a female always came to her rescue, other politicians could never cross the line as her. But finally the inevitable has happened. Harsh punishment to her will serve as an example to all the politicians to take up clean politics. Even if they learn the lesson out of fear or new found respect, that will still help the democracy.