Will Ram Charan go Bombay style for Yevadu?

Promotions in Telugu film industry by Telugu stars have always been a predictable affair. Everyone knows beforehand how things will shape up before and after the release of the film with respect to the promotion of a film. We have a grand audio launch which is followed by a series of interviews to media outlets before the release of the film and if luck favors sometimes these actors end up on live interactive shows talking with fans. Apart from all these we also see the success trip to various cities but by and large this is what we have been seeing for more than a decade now.

Which brings us to the point about Ram Charan? The actor last release was Zanjeer in Hindi and he went through a whole new grind for its promotion in Hindi cinema. The actors attended various shows, had done numerous interviews which were each unique in its own way. There were special interviews for web as well and all this while, being accompanied by Priyanka Chopra. In short what he had gone through to promote Zanjeer he has not done such things ever in his career before to promote a film.

So the question here is will he bring all that experience to positive effect for the promotion of his upcoming film Yevadu in Telugu. As we all know the film has been delayed for a long time so this kind of new and innovative publicity is sure to bring a lot of attention on the film again. We in Telugu too have a number of reality shows that can be used as platform for the promotion of the film. Do you think Charan should replicate his promotional blitz of Zanjeer in Telugu as well for Yevadu and set trend in Telugu? If you think yes, then what shows would you like the actor to be present in?