Will Rajini take safe route again?Rajinikanth is one of the major Superstar’s of South India and his biggest calling card is his impeccable track record at the box office delivering the biggest hits. For the first time in years that has been shaken recently with Lingaa and the star doesn’t want that to be a precedent going forward.

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It was therefore surprising that the star had agreed to do an original film with an untested director. However sources have some new buzz on this product which goes with the calculative and safe guarded nature of Rajini. It is being heard that the new film could be a remake of recently released Malayalam film. It wasn’t a massive success but the subject had strong material for a star with age properly taken into account and that too with a heroine something which the fans seems to be demanding.

Remember Rajinikanth after the debacle of Baba resorted to a remake in the form of Chandramukhi? It turned out to be a great trendsetting commercial success. Not every remake can be such success but will Rajini take such a safe route again?

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