Will 'Prathighatana' revive Charmi's career?Charmi has become so busy with item numbers that we almost forgot that she once was a very good actress, pulling off roles with ease and panache. While she says she has no qualms about grooving to item numbers, she admitted that she misses playing challenging roles like before. But she will return strongly in her upcoming film Prathighatana, which will feature her in a role of a journalist.

Charmi said audiences will root for the actress in her through this film. She added that she closely watched some of her journalist friends, their work and the pressure they handle on the job. Charmi said she even accompanied some of her journalist on some events to understand their work in detail.

Here’s hoping Prathighatana, which is being directed by Thammareddy Bharadwaj, will revive Charmi’s career and land her more opportunities in lead roles.