Will Prabhu Deva deliver an ‘original’ hit?

After a no show in the last outing with the Hindi remake of Telugu film Nuvvu Vastanante Nenu Vaddantana, director Prabhu Deva is back again this Friday with a new film R..Rajkumar. For the first time the director is working with Shahid Kapoor, a young star from Bollywood. But the interesting thing and another first related to the film is that this is also the director’s first original film or so says the director.

Prabhu Deva has so far remade films directly or indirectly right from his debut movie. With R…Rajkumar the director says that he has for the first time made a original film and that it hasn’t been copied from any previous film. However there are naysayers who don’t believe what the director says and are looking forward to see the film to find out the source of copying in this film as well. We have to wait for one more day to find out who wins the battle but for now the Bollywood trade is eagerly waiting for the film too see if Prabhu Deva can bounce back and deliver a hit with his ‘original’ film or not.